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What will the future of work be like?

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Will people still work in the future? Will #robots replace humans at work and leave us unemployed? In the twenty-first or twenty-second century, will we still be going to work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.? The next ten years will significantly change how people manage work and life together. Let's have a look.

Dictatorships end

With the advancement of technology, human #awareness has also increased. Now we look at what is happening in our lives and the world differently. We are more moderate and more fond of our freedom. We have a dilemma about renting our time, which is the most valuable thing for humanity, to a boss, and we question how this will improve us. Classical work life began to weigh more heavily on us. After having our coffee at 9 am, we find ourselves sitting at our desk, looking at the files in front of us, and we think, Will this order change?

Yes, it will change in less time than you can imagine. The most significant development of the new world order will be that the teams will talk in the business environment, not dictators.

The change you will encounter when you go to a job interview will also be observed in your work life. If we say that you, as an employee, will decide how your working environment will be, we can say that we have made an excellent guess.

While technology alters HR and the future work structure, humanity will make more liberal, collaborative decisions with the cooperation of teams, rather than a single boss or manager, and create a new world order.

Working for meaning

According to experts, working in the future will no longer be to make money. Humanity will now seek meaning, passion, and purpose. Money will become less important than the value of their work. People will work to make a more noticeable impact, emphasizing the importance of this reality in social life.

Intelligent companies will give more support to employees for this effect. They will provide opportunities for employees to reveal the value of their work and highlight growing together. By taking the employee experience one step further, they will see that integrating with the company and being a part of it is more worth than more salary.

Will middle management die?

No. But it will undergo a significant change. As small and hybrid working increases, which will increase, the middle management's job will become more complex. Both parties will be working with more emphasis on teamwork for leadership, motivation, good use of time, and finishing the #job well.

The traditional concept of supervisor or manager will change shape. Nowadays, issues such as getting the job done and how much work will be done according to one's abilities are at the forefront; in the future, managers will be expected to work more like teachers or life coaches in the remote-hybrid working model.

More Artificial

We will learn to live with more intelligent machines starting to do things we thought machines couldn't do. You will be able to carry your workplaces with you, and digital capabilities will increase. New job areas such as using robots or artificial intelligence management will emerge, and different ways of dealing with the increasing competition will be developed.

These are just the visible face of the #work life of the future. We wish you that the dynamic and exciting business life awaits will be more free, meaningful, and peaceful.


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