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5 Top Tips For Job Interviews

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Population growth, education development, technology growth, and the age of business have made job interviews very difficult. Companies spend thousands of dollars on psychological, physical, mathematical, and general culture tests to find the right person. Job seekers also prepare for days before going to a job interview. Cliche questions such as ‘’tell me about yourself‘’ or ‘’what are your five worst qualities’’ are still asked by some companies, but job interview questions seem to have come beyond this century around the world already.

We've compiled seven suggestions that can help you. Check out our list before you go to the job interview.

1. Be yourself

Yes, be yourself. You are what you are. Pretending to be someone else does not benefit you; on the contrary, it is harmful. The truth will come out sooner or later, and we don't want you to get into trouble. Just be yourself and let it flow. Be honest about the things you like, the things you hate, or how much you want the job. 96% of job seekers emphasize the importance of transparency in the workplace. Job seekers want their company to be transparent and open to them. Then isn't it inevitable that companies expect this from their employees? Here is how to be yourself :)

2. A great CV is not important

Because a correct CV is essential. The things you didn't do, the training you didn't get, or the polishing of trivial knowledge won't work. Put on your CV what you do, your work life, and the information you think is essential. Include a certificate you're proud of. Use your picture, but it shouldn't be a photo of you sipping your margarita on the beach. Keep the dates consistent and understandable. Do not exaggerate the design of your resume to attract attention. Make yourself a great CV that is easy on the eyes, clear, understandable, and only talks about the facts.

3. Do not chew gum at the meeting

Yes, some do! Maybe somewhere in the world, an HR consultant is going crazy. Be respectful to be respected. The answer is neither too short nor too long. If you finish each question with a yes or no, be prepared to say goodbye to the job. Solutions that are too long will have the same fate. Provide relevant answers to relevant questions. Focus on the question and only talk about that question. Don't start to tell your vacation stories. Saying I don't know is nothing to be ashamed of. If you don't know, state it clearly. Remember, honesty opens every door.

4. Be consistent in your desired salary

We recommend you not go beyond the number mentioned in the forms you fill out or your resume. If you say an amount below the value of the work you will do, you do not value yourself enough, which is essential for companies. If you do the opposite, you have a high chance of missing the job. A figure much higher than its value is inconsistent with the facts. Read and understand the job posting very well before going to the interview. How much is this job worth? Do market research and give a number accordingly.

5. You hire them too

What you expect from a company is very important. Be open about it. You may need that job, but they need you too. Working in a place that doesn't meet your expectations can become a nightmare. Be patient. The right job will find you, so be honest with your wishes and expectations. This is a mutual agreement. Negotiate and express your wishes without fear.

Bonus: “I believed, and still believe, that you can build your dreams brick by brick. That you can accomplish anything with persistence.” — Maurene Goo

Qoolize is an experienced, friendly, and talented team of engineers, sales managers, designers, and developers who provide VoIP, SMS, Networking, and A2P Messaging services. We have an innovative human resources model that transforms companies' recruitment processes by adapting to modern-day needs. Our employees worldwide are abandoning traditional work models in favor of growing together.

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