Top 7 Future Jobs

Technology is advancing faster than ever before in world history. While artificial intelligence theories are all around like they will take over us, some jobs will disappear and new ones come into their place. Generation Z, as the first generation born into the digital age, will not even know about the existence of some professions. Are you from Generation Z? Do you want to find a place for yourself in your professional life? Or you already have a career but have decided to exist in the digital age. Then this blog is for you. Let's take a look at the jobs that will shine in the future.

1. Software Development

Software engineering or software development, of course, is not a new profession. But is the digital age possible without programming? From your remote control which disappeared on the couch to the credit card you are using, would not exist without software development. This profession existed and will always exist, of course, until artificial intelligence takes over us :) Newly written systems go through this profession to make life easier, experts all over the world create, analyze and develop systems.

2. Data Analyst

In short, we can define it as the analysis of data coming from systems. But data analysis does not end there, the data needs to be made meaningful, cleaned, sorted, and interpreted. Here, data science comes into play. Companies use data analysis in many areas. Some of those are; to increase customer retention and to use it for risk management, supply chain management, and marketing. Larger companies also use it in the field of human resources to increase employee productivity. With the emergence of Big Data analysis, new business opportunities have also emerged for entrepreneurs.

3. Augmented Reality Life Designer

Sounds cool? This job must be one of the most enjoyable professions for job seekers in the digital world. You will create your customer's life in the virtual world. Having coaching training will bring you a plus. Meeting the needs of your customers in the most possible way, knowing organizing events, working one-on-one with individuals, and presenting a portfolio will bring you one step closer to taking your career life up. Analyzing your customer's preferences in life and being a human-oriented person is the key to this profession. We are sure that these features will create an indispensable cv.

4. Smart Home Designers

Home sweet home! Working at home, home office, remote working… These terms that have just entered our lives will be the reality of the future. We will also need smart home designers to adapt our homes to the digital new world. A voice that greets us when we come to our house, our television asking how our day was going, our refrigerator informing us that we have run out of milk, or our coffee table updating our resume for our job interview. Dream? Not at all. You can choose to be the smart home builder for your job in the future to make people's life easier.

5. Organ Creators

What?! Yes. Organ creator, which will be one of the most popular jobs of the future. Of course, you need a background in molecular biology, tissue engineering, or biomedical engineering. In the future, scientists will be able to produce new organs to replace non-functional organs or body parts and implement them in your body. Maybe this profession will be number one on the top lists of future jobs.

6. Augmented-Reality Journey Builder

A life you can experience whatever you want. Sounds a bit exaggerated, right? Soon, we will have these experiences. Where would you like to travel today? Which event to attend or go to a place you choose randomly from your top places list. Here is your new job! Designing new life experiences for your customers. You can take your customer without leaving his seat to the top of the Himalayas or send him to the future you designed. First, you need to get a film school degree and understand how to write and create stories. The hiring process for this profession will not be easy. Start looking now at what you can do to expand your vision.

7. Well-being Director

Do you like psychology? You will be an interconnection between your customer and his mind. Although the digital world brings conveniences, there will be an increase in some difficulty levels, especially in business life. However, the stress level will increase. As a well-being director, you will be responsible for protecting the mental health of employees. You will need to provide an approach such as a yoga guru or spiritual adviser and be working on the prediction and solutions of the psychological states of the employees. Based on the approach that a happy person means a happy society, you will be the voice of individuals and lay the building blocks of a better life for them.

Bonus: What is your dream job? Check out the best one for yourself.

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