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Everything About Bulk SMS

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

One of the easiest ways to make your voice heard to large audiences at the same time is SMS. This method is at the forefront of the marketing tools of almost all companies, large or small. You reach your customers instantly and compensate for the lost time in other marketing tools. The easiest way is to present your campaigns, show discounted products, or thank them.

#SMS platforms are one of the most used platforms by companies today. The variety of SMS services also facilitates the work of companies. Wholesale SMS Services and A2P SMS Services are some of the most used services. Today we are going to talk about Bulk SMS.

What is it?

Today, the infrastructures of GSM operators provide the convenience of sending SMS to large masses simultaneously. This is a brief definition of Bulk SMS. According to research, the use and importance of SMS Marketing will increase in the coming years. It is predicted that the use of smartphones in the world will be equal to the population. For this reason, direct interaction with the customer is through SMS models.


Some statistics show the importance of using #BulkSMS for your company's marketing efforts. Let's talk about a few of them. 90% of smartphone users read the SMS received on their phones within 3 minutes. This gives an excellent opportunity for your campaigns. Interestingly, while the percentage of reading Facebook posts or tweets is between 12 and 20, this rate shows a significant change in the reading of SMS.

According to another study, 85% of people prefer to receive messages rather than phone calls or e-mails. This makes your job one step easier. You reach your customer in the way they want and allow the notification you want to convey to be displayed instantly. The opening rates of SMSs provide you with the most incredible help. Today, the opening rate of an SMS sent to a phone is 98%. In other words, it is almost guaranteed that your customer will read the message you send.

Not to mention that #SMSMarketing campaigns are almost the cheapest method compared to other marketing tools.

What should be the message?

Your messages should be short and precise. It would help if you did not try to impress your audience by writing poems. You should set the subject you want to tell in the most straightforward and understandable sentences and be direct. You must put a call to action link. By routing, you should ensure that your target audience can easily reach your products or services. Your customer should know what to do after reading your message. You must have a deadline. Don't forget to give your customers a time frame to take action in marketing.

Your real job for proper marketing starts after you send your SMS. You should track the returns, check for an increase in your sales, and evaluate what you did wrong or what you did right.

How to send it?

You must have the right SMS gateway to send bulk SMS over computers. In addition, you should have; Messaging software and an SMS service provider. You can efficiently deliver your messages to your target audience with Bulk SMS sending modules. Although there are online modules, specialist companies do this job for you.

To get closer to your customers, you can take advantage of Qoolize's SMS platforms by leaving the job to the experts.

Qoolize provides A2P SMS services to enterprises and wholesale partners and access to operators directly or over our partners.

Qoolize is an experienced, friendly & talented team including engineers, sales managers, designers & developers who are giving services on Telecom, Wholesale SMS services, A2P SMS Services, Bulk SMS, VoIP, Networking, and A2P Messaging.

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