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This luxury entertainment resort in Maryland, Washington offers restaurants, art theater, gaming floors and an amazing waterfront view. As Qoolize we are going to be there for International Telecoms Week at 9-12 May 2022.

If anyone of you thinking to visit the harbor, check our what to do list before you do.

1. Visit Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center

Entertainment with family and friends by watching fountain show or a day at the spa. Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center provides fine dining, spa and fitness, shopping, meeting & events and a lot more. Also ITW will take place at this one of the biggest resort in the World.

2. Go To Casino

To see how much lucky you are, visit gaming tables and slot machines. You can also have a seat at the art theater. MGM National Harbor will offer you fine dining with more than 40 restaurants and boutiques will draw you in.

3. Attend Events

You can find many events during the year such as; Summerfest, Cherry Blossom Festival, Wine & Food Festival, Harbor Halloween and more.

4. Enjoy The View & Rent A Boat

Harbor’s sunset considered one of the best sunset in the World. The street art gallery will welcome you along with this magnificent view. Giant statues, murals and all kind of art and amazing Potomac river view will take your breath away.

5. Fly On Capital Wheel

Spin on the waterfront! Capital wheel circles every day and night during the year. You will not regret being 180 feet above the Potomac river.

Bonus: Watch Movies Outdoor

Have a little nostalgia.

Bring your wine & food and watch outdoor cinema by the river.

Hope to meet with you at ITW, 9-12 May 2022. Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center

National Harbor, MD, near Washington DC

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