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An exclusive interview with Sueda Tepe, Carrier Relations & Growth Manager

Updated: May 10

Kung Fu

It is claimed that Kung Fu, estimated to have emerged in the 4th century BC, was born from the thoughts of Confucius.

The word meaning of Kung Fu, one of the oldest martial and defense arts, which spread from China to the world, means 'The Art of War.'

According to a claim, the emperor of the period loved this art and hired instructors to spread it.

China, which has a large population and has participated in many wars in its history, developed this martial art as a result of survival instinct. Over time, it has been understood that it also contributes to mental development besides physical strength.

Kung Fu is divided into two branches, Tao and Sanda. Tao, form style; Sanda refers to the fighting style.

In the simplest terms, the movements of 5 animals are imitated in Kung Fu.

The movements of the Bear, Lion, Tiger, Snake, and Crane form the basis of this martial art.

Kung Fu as a hobby?

In the chaos of business life, it is challenging for all of us to allocate time for hobbies. Experts' warning is that we must force ourselves to do so. One of the ways to stay healthy both physically and mentally and to get away from the stress of business life is through hobbies.

Today, we would like to introduce you to Sueda, with whom we will learn how one of us met Kung Fu and how she balances her work and social life.

Let's listen to Kung Fu from our Carrier Relations & Growth Manager.

A Hobby Story :

Many of you may have heard of kung fu in movies. Of course, it all started when my father became a kung fu master. I started this sport by seeing and imitating my father as a child. Just as everyone takes a family member as an example, I also took my father as an example in my sports life.

Maybe you could call me a girl who grew up in the gym more.

I was ten years old when I entirely devoted myself to this sport. I attended training sessions for 2 hours 5 days a week, and for the rest of the time, I was focused on my lessons. Since Kung Fu is divided into two branches (Tao and Sanda), you want to choose your side after doing it for a certain time.

Tao is a Kung Fu branch that creates a pleasure to watch with the harmony created by specific movements; that's why I headed that way. I had to memorize 40 movements in particular sequences and do them with the right rhythm. Of course, the number of movements may seem so low due to age, but different movement styles are added to each age. Your body needs to be flexible, but this is not a criterion. Although I started at an early age, the most challenging part for me was exposing my body to that flexibility since my body was not flexible due to genetic factors.

A year later, I had fully adapted to my ambition. My time to participate in the competitions was approaching. The Tao I exhibited to the juries was deemed invalid because the regulations were changed, and this event would turn me into a person who never gave up on her goals.
Despite this incident, I never gave up on Kungfu and became a referee at 18.

I have been professionally interested in Kung fu for about 15 years. However, it turned into a hobby for me during my university years.

Having a hobby always turns a person into a self-confident and motivated character.

Continuing a hobby along with your business life takes you to the top.

It can be quite difficult to balance your hobby and your work life, but the company I work for gives me enough freedom.

Sometimes I want to do Kung Fu to customers, but I don't, of course :)

I can stay still because this sport also teaches patience. I start the day in the morning with Kung Fu, which creates a cold shower effect. Afterward, it allows me to focus on work.

Our brain always needs space, and I invite you to learn Kung Fu as an escape plan.
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