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5 Reasons To Visit Zanzibar

Zanzibar, an independent area in the east of Africa known for its breathtaking beauty and beaches, comprises two islands connected to Tanzania. The administrative territory, which consists of the main island of Zanzibar and Pemba Island, is centered in Zanzibar City.

On October 13 and 14, Zanzibar will open its doors to the GCCM Africa 2022 conference, and Qoolize is honored to be the Silver Sponsor of this event. Do not visit without first reviewing the list we have provided for you.

1. Color of the beaches

The stunning turquoise-colored beaches of the Indian Ocean that you can't believe are natural. Every year, tourists from all over the world visit Zanzibar, a population of as few as one million people. Because it is close to the Equator, tropical weather allows you to enjoy the sea at any time and in any season. The good news is that access to Zanzibar's beaches is free. You only need to pay for transportation to the island in the region where there are many honeymoon couples and resort hotels.

2. Spices

Do not come without seeing at least one spice garden from Zanzibar, one of the places where most spices are produced worldwide. Thanks to its tropical climate, its fertile soils allow for the production of many herbs. Cardamom, Curry, Ginger, Lemon Grass, Nutmeg, and Saffron are some of those. It should also be noted that they are in first place in producing cloves worldwide. Small stalls welcome you when the spice tour ends, and you get lost in the beautiful scents.

3. Diving

We will not be mistaken if we say that the warm sea of Zanzibar is an underwater paradise. Get ready to meet sea creatures that will dazzle your eyes! There are more than 200 recognized species, and they are waiting for you. Apart from submarine exploration, Zanzibar also promises other outdoor sports. Sailing and kayaking are one of those.

4. Animals

Prepare to witness some exotic animals! One of the rarest African primates, the Red Colobus Monkey, is found in Zanzibar. You may also see local butterflies in flight at the famous Zanzibar butterfly center. Dolphin-watching excursions are popular in Kizimkazi, located on the southern coast of Zanzibar Island. Prison Island on the peninsula serves as a haven for the critically endangered Aldabra giant tortoise. And more in this paradise of the tropics.

5. Local Food

Do not come back without eating fresh #seafood. You will be offered delicious local markets, restaurants, and hotels, as well as more fresh than you have ever eaten. #Zanzibar has something to suit everyone's tastes. The dishes, which are famous for their spices, will provide you with an unforgettable experience by shocking your palate.

Bonus: Zanzibar is famous for its festivals because they attract many tourists. Participate in these events and visit Qoolize in GCCM 2022!

We will be waiting for you in Zanzibar.

It's on 13&14 October at Ocean Paradise Resort & Spa.

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