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NOC Engineer

Job Type

Full Time


Key Responsibilities

• Ability to prioritize network alarms and incidents to fulfill KPI commitments.

• Deliver proactive network monitoring and implement corrective action to ensure optimal network performance.

• To provide second-line diagnostics and technical updates on incidents to other members of the service desk team and senior management.

• Identify opportunities to improve processes and sponsor introducing system changes to improve efficiency.

• Work well within our NOC team and have the ability to work shift patterns.

• You’ll proactively monitor connectivity solutions to ensure events are captured and resolved before they become an incident. In contrast, in a significant service outage, liaise with all relevant departments to undertake emergency fault diagnostics to resolution.

Skills & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a similar field

  • Minimum of 2 years experience in VOIP technologies, including familiarity with SIP and RTP protocols.

  • Minimum of 2 years experience in A2P SMS technologies, including familiarity with SMPP and TCP/IP protocols and proficiency in PCAP analysis.

  • Experience in deploying, managing, and troubleshooting network infrastructures

  Excellent troubleshooting skills

  Ability to work flexible hours

  Good written and verbal communication skills

  Advanced project management skills

  Ability to work well under pressure

  Fluency in English.

What does the Qoolize Family expect from you? 

  • We expect you to contribute to our projects with your innovative perspective. 

  • We find solutions without accepting the existence of a problem. We hope you will join us. 

  • We want you to be a family member with open and effective communication. 

  • Our team analyzes quickly and immediately takes action. We would like you to add more speed to us. 

  • You are open to constructive criticism and feedback. You are ready to improve yourself accordingly.

About Us

Join us wherever you are 

About Us ✨

The Qoolize team comprises highly trained and experienced engineers, sales managers, designers, and developers committed to providing top-tier services in SMS Marketing for Businesses and Enterprises, A2P Messaging, VoIP, and Global Voice Service. Our team is well-known for its exceptional skills, pleasant demeanor, and thorough understanding of our services.

Qoolize has an innovative human resources model that changes companies’ recruitment processes by adapting to the requirements of the modern age. Our employees worldwide are transforming their classical working models and adopting the method of growing together.

What We Offer 🚀

A competitive salary package. 
Premium system paid each month.
25 days off per year and public holidays in whichever country you live in
Meal allowance for a pleasant lunch.
Our health is paramount, and we take care of the rest :) Private health insurance. 
A brand new MAC 
Training budget to help you grow in your role, gain new skills, and learn new things!
Every Qoolize member is young, talented, innovative, and passionate. You will work with a team that pushes each other forward. 
When you need a break from hard work, our playgroups will await you.

You can review our recruitment process;

1. Apply: You can apply to us on Linkedin or our Qoolize website.
2. People and Culture Interview: Let’s discuss our goals and approaches; if you’re looking in the same direction, why don’t we walk the same path?
3. Case Study: We can send you a task to solve.
4. Technical Interview: You will meet with your future team leader and/or teammates to review the case and your technical capabilities in detail. 
5. Manager Interview: A final meeting with the executive team to see if we are all on the same page.
6. We can’t wait for you to accept our offer!

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Ailemize katılın.

Qoolize, modern çağın gereksinimlerine uyum sağlayarak şirketlerin işe alım süreçlerini değiştiren yenilikçi bir insan kaynakları modeline sahiptir.

Dünya çapındaki çalışanlarımız klasik çalışma modellerini dönüştürerek birlikte büyüme yöntemini benimsiyorlar.
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