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Top 13 Movies To Watch For Friday The 13th

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Most unlucky day or your kind of a day? If you are both a horror movie lover and a fan of Friday the 13th must watch these 13 movies to make your day better.. or worse.

1. Friday the 13th - the Final Chapter - Well, of course…

The famous Jason Voorhees revives from his death in this 1984 movie. A must-have for horror movie themes, a group of friends, and a rental house will make for a fun Friday for those who haven't watched it yet. Director Joseph Zito.

2. The Cabin In The Woods

The 2011 movie directed by Drew Goddard is worth watching, even for the handsome Chris Hemsworth. Watching with friends can increase your enthusiasm to rent a cabin in the woods.

3. Constantine

Supernatural beings, demons, exorcism. Yes, this is your movie. Keanu Reeves kicks, as always. Director Francis Lawrence, 2005.

4. World War Z

Zombies never get old. Pandemic? Too much? At least you will not be bored while watching this 2013 movie. Plus, there is Brad Pitt. Director Marc Forster

5. The Ritual

Four friends into the Swedish wilderness. What could go wrong? David Bruckner is the director of the 2017 movie that you will watch without breathing.

6. Time Trap

A cave, a professor, and missing people. Mark Dennis and Ben Foster are the directors of the 2017 movie.

7. The Conjuring

You may be awake until Saturday the 14th, but worth watching if you are a real horror movie lover. 2013, James Wan.

8. The Shining

Oldie but Goldie. One of Stephen King's best novels has been adapted into a movie. Shining is directed by Stanley Kubrick and played by Jack Nicholson. In 1980.

9. The Number 23

Is Jim Carrey in a thriller? What we could ask more. Joel Schumacher's 23 was filmed in 2007. Be careful; you may become obsessed with the number 23 too.

10. The Exorcist

1973 movie directed by William Friedkin is considered one of the best horror movies more than 50 years after its release.

11. Child’s Play

1988 movie directed by Tom Holland is one of the most famous and watched horror movies. You will change your mind about dolls forever.

12. The Ring

We know many people didn’t sleep seven days after watching The Ring. The 2002 Gore Verbinski movie will give you the Friday the 13th you always wanted.

13. A Nightmare on Elm Street

If you don’t wake up, you don’t wake up at all. The 1984 Wes Craven movie is considered one of the cult horror movies in history.

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