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Should we continue to drink coffee?

Updated: Jan 30

Can't you survive without coffee like this blog's author? We are the millions of people who cannot begin the day without a cup of coffee! There is a ton of knowledge about coffee being shared online. Some contend that doing too much will eventually hurt us. Some claim they are making an effort to give it up. The only thing I know for sure is that your author will continue to consume coffee! ☕️🤗

Coffee King Khaldi

You first went to the coffee area when you arrived at work, right? You can't possibly work without taking that first gulp. The scent that relaxes you is the first sip that wakes you up from sleep.

Ethiopian Khaldi, a goat herder, noticed that goats behaved vigorously after consuming coffee beans in the third century. He then discovered coffee and buried us in the lines. Thank you, Khaldi, even though you are not the king! This is a sincere appreciation.

Since that time, humans have been unable to function without it. If you consume more than 700 mg of coffee daily, you are an addict, as many of us are. Caffeine addiction can develop over time as a result of excessive consumption. Side effects of not drinking include headaches, fatigue, and irritability. Intense coffee consumption can cause an increase in calcium excretion from the body, resulting in bone problems, anxiety, and vitamin D deficiency. It's not for nothing that they say that too much of anything is wrong.

Of course, coffee isn't the only thing that causes caffeine addiction. If you frequently consume tea, energy drinks, or carbonated beverages, it's time to cut back.

Does drinking coffee improve our performance at work?

The world was changed by coffee. The world's most popular psychoactive stimulant is coffee, which originated in the Arabian Peninsula and spread to Europe and the rest of the world. Read how coffee changed the world by Author Michael Pollan.

How does coffee that changes the world affect us, particularly in our work lives? Does it boost or detract from our productivity? Would the global workforce find the energy to work without coffee?

It's a fact that coffee makes you work more efficiently. It has a positive impact on your concentration and memory. So far, many universities have conducted coffee research, and the general conclusion may be as follows: it allows you to use your cognitive abilities more efficiently. Dopamine secretion makes you happier as well. Focus, memory, and happiness all help you do your job more efficiently. Coffee affects your socialization too. You may have noticed this during your workplace's coffee breaks.

Another thesis topic is the aroma of coffee. When you take a sip of coffee, more than 800 fragrances released during the coffee-making process relax and calm you.

Regular #coffee consumption is good for your body and its psychological impacts. It not only soothes your fatigue but also strengthens your body by giving you vitality. Many athletes have been seen drinking coffee before engaging in their activity, improving performance. It is well-recognized for boosting muscle power and giving the body the needed adrenaline.

Smells good, looks good, and is photographic, even cinematic; this drink meets our needs and supports us physically, psychologically, and socially. I think we got the answer to our question; coffee makes us more productive, without exaggeration.

Bonus: Are you addicted to coffee?

Bonus: Make your coffee

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