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Qoolize Previews New Connectivity Platform

Press Release

Qoolize previews connectivity solution at ITW. 

Global Internet provider Qoolize will preview its new connectivity management solution, developed in collaboration with Trunkstar, at ITW in Washington.

[Washington, DC, 13 May 2024] Qoolize, a leading provider of global internet and communications services, is pleased to preview its new connectivity management solution at ITW. The platform, developed in collaboration with leading telecoms software company Trunkstar, will make the end-to-end process of connectivity onboarding easier and more efficient. By combining Trunkstar’s software with its own global reach and expertise, Qoolize is laying the foundations for an offering that will revolutionize the sourcing, quoting, ordering, monitoring, and overall management of global connectivity. 

The new platform is being developed to address the typical challenges carriers, ISPs, and MSPs face daily: resource-intensive supplier onboarding processes, inaccurate quotes, slow pricing request turnaround times, and the inefficiency of having to manage multiple APIs and supplier portals. It promises to change the way suppliers manage the lifecycles of their customers’ global connectivity estates, providing tangible benefits and a transformative experience. 

"We are delighted to work with Trunkstar on the development of our new connectivity lifecycle management solution,” said Fatih Turan, CEO of Qoolize. "Creating exceptional customer experiences is at the heart of everything we do. This new tool will combine intuitive and user-friendly design with our global carrier- and technology-agnostic approach, providing our customers with an unparalleled solution that drives success and growth.” 
The first release of the new platform will see the integration of more than 350 last-mile providers and APIs, available to quote and order in over 50 countries across five continents. Qoolize plans to double the number of countries available within the first two months of launching the platform. 

"We are excited to provide the underlying technology for Qoolize’s new platform, and to deliver a revolutionary solution for Qoolize’s customers’ connectivity management needs," said Matthijs van Seventer, CEO of Trunkstar. "Our partnership marks a new era, showcasing our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and creating lasting impact." 

Sign up for beta access by contacting us at 

Media contacts 

Dominic Danson Account Director, Grammatik Agency 

Sarah Mueller Marketing Director, Qoolize 

About Qoolize 

Qoolize is a leading provider of A2P SMS, voice services, and global internet access. With a specific focus on improving workflows and enhancing the business experience of commissioning connectivity solutions, Qoolize partners with some of the world's breakthrough businesses, including TikTok, T Mobile, and Airtel.  

About Trunkstar 

Trunkstar specializes in delivering transformative connectivity lifecycle management solutions for carriers, ISPs, and network operators. Its future-proof software enables automated and streamlined sourcing, quoting, and provisioning processes, significantly reducing manual work and operational costs while enhancing business growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. With a strong focus on innovation and a commitment to setting industry standards, Trunkstar empowers businesses to manage their connectivity with unparalleled precision. As a dedicated partner in digital advancement, we ensure our customers stay ahead in a rapidly evolving global connectivity landscape.

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