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We mentioned earlier that active employees in business life are now searching for more meaning in this period and will look more in the future. Employees wish their jobs to be more valuable, beneficial to society and have a purpose. Especially during the pandemic, employees have had varying feelings about what they want in life and business life. According to Gartner, this figure is a considerable 65%. Since the pandemic, only half of those working in the United States have resigned or are looking for a new job. This era called great resignation continues. During this period, most employees left their professions and started working in jobs and workplaces that would make them happier.

In the challenging conditions of our age, not everyone has the luxury to change jobs easily or leave a job they dislike by turning to a completely different sector. For many employees, working in a job has become just a matter of making money and living. They are not happy, but they cannot find the strength to change it.

Maybe you are being bullied, worsened by violence, or simply don't like your job. Perhaps you find the environment you work in or your co-workers disturbing. Whatever the reason, you want to get away from this environment, but your success rate is meager. This is your comfort zone. The areas where we are uncomfortable and not happy also fall into our comfort zone. We know and recognize it. It takes courage to change our environment completely. It is this change that we fear. Is there anything we can do? Of course, there is. Let's see what we can do to love what we do.

It’s Time To Speak Up

Let's look at some forms of behavior that are considered mobbing;

• Isolation of the worker in the office

• Making it difficult for the employee to fulfill his duties

• Trying to get the employee to leave the job

• Being interrupted while speaking

• Ignoring

• Nicknames

• Sabotaging the work done

• Constant accusation and criticism

• Making inappropriate jokes

• Underestimation of status

• Exposure to sexual harassment

• Verbal or written threat

• Being offended by rude and nasty words

• Giving jobs outside of job performance

• Disrupting the usual work order and directing it to different jobs

If you are experiencing one or more of the abovementioned behaviors, you should start talking now. It is your most natural right to raise your voice and voice the injustice done to you. Do not be afraid to seek your rights and speak up. Tell your manager or higher-level official about your experience. If you don't get a response, take legal action or look for a new job without fear. Know that you will go to work more relaxed and happier when you find an answer.

No Time For Anything

Is your job taking up all your time? This is not normal. You have to start taking steps to change. Not once did you go home as soon as the working hour was over, did you? Maybe you got caught in the psychology that everyone leaves late, and you found yourself in this cycle. You signed an agreement when you were hired. You have a working hour. Both parties must abide by this agreement. When leaving work, do you encounter strange looks from your boss, manager, or co-workers? This is their problem. There should be no problem if you meet your deadlines and complete the tasks on time. In other words, you have done your part by following the agreement; now you can leave work at your regular hour and relax.

It may seem impossible to obtain these rights, but you will continue to go to that job by cursing every morning without seeking your rights. Change this. Talk to your manager or higher-level official. Explain that you will not be available 24 hours a day and will be more productive when you take time for yourself. If you don't get a response, take legal action or look for a new job without fear.

Remember: Incoming messages at midnight or "urgent" jobs on the weekend are currently illegal in some countries. Employees sought and received their rights.

No Future With High Stress

You have been working at the same workplace for many years, but you are still in the same position, at the same table, looking at the same coffee cup. You applied for better jobs or told your manager that you deserved a better place, but nothing changed. If the company you work for does not have a career plan for you, ask openly and find out the reasons. This is your most natural right. If you've never done things like moving to another department or applying for other openings, do it now. If you don't get results, believe that you will find another workplace that will be more respectful to you, the work you do, and the effort you put into it. Because that #job is waiting for you, don't be afraid and get out of your comfort zone.

You may be working in a highly stressful workplace. You may be working in an environment where there is a lot of intrigue, gossip, constant layoffs or hiring, or where you still don't get paid for your work but still want more. If you don't like gossip and the stress it brings, you can start to isolate yourself from these environments. Creating a more peaceful working environment is in your hands. Focus more on your work and try to do it the best way possible. The trick to staying away from external factors you can't do anything about is not worrying about them. Remember overthinking is the reason for many problems.


Now is the time to work for yourself. It won't do any good to keep working just to pay the bills. Enjoying what you do and doing more valuable things for yourself and society will make you happier. Put your hand under the stone to make this happen. Do not be afraid, and do not overthink. Step now, seek your right or a better job. Remember, It is your right to live the life you want.

Engineers, sales managers, designers, and developers make up the skilled, courteous, and knowledgeable Qoolize team. They provide #telecom, #VoIP, #networking, #bulkSMS, and #A2P messaging services.

Our cutting-edge human resources strategy transforms how businesses conduct hiring by adjusting to the demands of the present day. The traditional working paradigms of our employees worldwide are being replaced by the approach of growing together.

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