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Five Fascinating New Year Traditions By Countries

Family, tradition, and hope take on new meanings when the new year is mentioned. We are leaving another challenging year behind, and we wish the new year a healthy and happy one adorned with success when wars and diseases are over. With the development of technology, the New Year celebrations have changed a lot. All over the world, fireworks displays continue to fascinate the audience, along with the lighting. But besides these, traditional celebrations are not left behind and continue to serve people's hopes. Let's take a look at how people around the world celebrate the New Year.

1. Colombia

Colombia has some unique New Year's traditions. Such as taking a suitcase and running at midnight to fulfill your desire to travel more, burning herbs to eliminate bad energies, or wearing yellow panties for money and happiness. But today, we're going to talk about potatoes. Try this tradition at home, so we leave the full recipe here. You should put three potatoes on New Year's Eve under your bed. One of the potatoes should be unpeeled, one peeled, and one half peeled. Then, without looking at the potatoes, you must reach under your bed and get one. Your luck in the new year will be determined by the potato you choose. It should be no surprise that a peeled potato represents a good year, a half-peeled potato means an average year, and an unpeeled potato represents a lousy year. Wishing you good luck with peeled potatoes always!

2. India

The New Year tradition of India that we will talk about must have reached other countries as well. This blog's author has also seen this tradition in different cultures. The name of this very emotional and impressive tradition is Old Man Gloom. Maybe not at home, but you can try it outside. You prepare a statue of an old man, and you burn this statue next to it with notes of memories that you want to disappear. All the past year's negativities, misfortunes, and pains burn with the old man. People gather together and sing songs of hope as they watch the old man and all the bad memories burn. You are opening up space for the hopes and positivity of the new coming year. It's the perfect tradition to end a year.

3. Canada

What about going ice fishing out in the middle of nowhere? It is widespread for Canadians to ring in the New Year by pulling fish from the ice with their families. It is also known that some companies sponsor ice fishing equipment, which is recognized as a sport. Typically, a heated hut is rented, as are cooking utensils and your loved ones. Returning without a cold is also considered a success.

4. United States

One of the world's most magical cities. New York City. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people gather in New York's famed Times Square to watch the ball drop. After the Countdown, Sinatra begins, the New York, New York song is sung in unison, and the fireworks are spectacular. Since 1907, New York has held its traditional New Year's Eve celebration. Adolph Ochs, the owner of the New York Times, created the event to draw attention to the Times's new headquarters, and it has since become an annual spectacle and one of the most popular New Year's Eve celebrations.

5. Brazil

On New Year's Eve in Brazil, don't be surprised if you see people running toward the sea. To make each wish come true, you make seven wishes and jump seven waves. The tradition is based on honoring Yemanja, the goddess of water. Before entering the water, you should dress in all white to symbolize purity. You can try this tradition in your area and see if it works.

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