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Five Facts About Oman

Updated: May 5

Oman is bounded to the southwest by Saudi Arabia and Yemen, south, and east by the Indian Ocean, and northeast by the Persian Gulf.

As Qoolize, we will be in Muscat for the GCCM Middle East on November 14 and 15. We are honored to be the conference's Silver Sponsor. If you happen to be passing through, here are five little-known facts about Oman.

1. The Arabian Oryx

The Arabian Oryx is the national animal of Oman. Before the 1960s, it was believed that this lovely creature was extinct, but during that decade, the final specimens were discovered, trapped, and reproduced to ensure the species' survival. Currently, it's estimated that there are more than 1000 oryx in existence. The Arabian Peninsula's dunes are home to this animal, which distinguishes out for its beauty and stunning horns. Oryx, a perfectly looking white Antelope species, was nearly extinct due to uncontrolled hunting. Let's not forget that many Oryx living is still captive in zoos. We hope you see this magnificent beauty on your visit to Oman.

2. No Crime, Really

The crime rate in Oman, which has achieved great success as the 4th safest country in the world, is almost non-existent. Although cases such as petty theft are reported occasionally, major crime is virtually nonexistent. Such a low crime rate statistic compared to developed and industrial countries and the Middle East is quite surprising. The threat of Terrorism in Oman is one of the weakest in the world. The Institute for Economics and Peace ranks the impact of terrorism in the country as "0" on the Global Terrorism Index.

3. The Biggest Graveyard

Among Oman's tourist attractions are prehistoric necropolises, which date back to 3000 BC and are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The country's northern hills are home to Tombs, which were constructed in the form of a beehive. The bronze age tombs are among the best preserved to date.  Al-Ayn is the most well-preserved of the three necropolises known as Bat, Al-Khutm, and Al-Ayn. While in Oman, be sure to take a trip back in time.

4. Telegraph Island Madness

Telegraph island, a small rocky island in the Musandam region of Oman, is famous for its fjords. How does it sound like laying cables under the sea for communication between Britain and India in the 1850s? This is what was tried to be done on telegraph island in those years—astounding information. The Indian, Turkish and Iranian governments agreed to interconnect the fixed line systems, which required a cable between Fao, Bushire, and Gwadar. It was agreed with the engineers to apply a 1,250-mile cable, which was successful but caused conflicts and various fights between the countries. Ultimately, it was accomplished somehow, but this could not prevent the legends. Of course, it is not just a myth but also a grain of truth in these narratives. There were stories about the island being sweltering, small, and isolated, driving the soldiers working there into insanity. Soldiers who stayed on the island for more than five years were separated from the rest of the world and fell into the wilderness's high heat and banality. The soldiers gradually went insane after being there for so long.

5. Mountain Dew

One of the most popular things the people of Oman consumes is this drink, which the author of this blog finds quite attractive. In Oman, Mountain Dew, whose primary manufacturer is Pepsi, is consumed so frequently that it overtakes all other beverages as the most popular in the Middle East. Dew is often associated with fresh, pure water, although it is not necessarily a healthy beverage. It has a lot of artificial ingredients, like high fructose corn syrup for sweetening. Still, nothing ever truly happens.

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