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Updated: Nov 17, 2022

21st century. It is the century when both technology and industrialization peaked. The industrialization has come to such a point that it does more harm than good to both people and nature. There is more plastic than fish in the oceans of this beautiful planet, more toxic waste from its trees, and more air pollution than green. First, we made our world unlivable, then started thinking about how to save it. Water wars and oxygen shortages are upon us.

How did we make the world this way? How did we make our home uninhabitable, the only thing that matters to our survival? The answer is simple: we found the oil.

We have to evolve. It's in our nature. Our process from leaf clothes to talking t-shirts was mandatory. Man has to develop by nature, and we want that. There's nothing we wouldn't do to one day ride flying cars, roam #galaxies, and #teleport, and of course, that's our right. But do we have to destroy our nature in doing so? One day the author of this blog heard something like this: “future generations will curse us for burning such a valuable substance as oil.”

It is. The most damaging substances to the world are fossil fuels. Shall we briefly discuss what our cars, factories, and gifted machines are doing to this planet?

Air pollution is the most significant harm fossil fuels do to us and the world. Global warming, abnormal natural events, lack of oxygen, carbon dioxide increase, acid rain, etc. Let's look at carbon emissions; In short, harmful gases emitted to the outside, our air, our oxygen. The exhaust of your car, your favorite program you listen to on the radio…

We have to save it just as we destroyed it. Otherwise, we will perish along with our planet. Digitalization takes humanity one step further in the evolutionary process and will perhaps save us.


Above all, we can insist on working remotely. As humanity, we need to continue #remoteworking, which has started to take its place in our lives with the pandemic. How will working at home in your pajamas contribute to the world?

Let's see; With the decrease in traffic, the gases and dust from car exhausts will decrease, and air pollution will be significantly better. Let's go back to 2 years ago when almost no one left their home due to the pandemic. Do you remember the news about the increase in fish population in the seas and oceans? With the reduction of air pollution, we will be freed from harmful gases, and dust entering our waters and live much healthier. Who doesn't want this? The contribution of working from home to energy savings will also be substantial. This may be a method to end the energy crisis that is on our doorstep.


Minimizing paper use means saving millions of trees. This means more oxygen and cleaner air for all living things. Sounds good. You are always free to use the option 'do not send me a registration bill or do not want plastic cutlery.' According to a study, if every household in the United States stopped using paper bills, approximately 1.6 billion tons of greenhouse gases would be reduced yearly.

There is so much more you can do. Now, almost everywhere in the world, environmental awareness has increased. Factories that harm the environment or giant tech companies are trying to undo at least some of the damage they have done. The recycling bins across your street are the simplest of them all. Simple but very effective. The importance of recycling is one of the most considerable contributions to the increase in the oxygen we take. Separate your garbage and throw it in the recycling bins.


Starting today, you can switch to or promote the electric car. You can use solar energy for heating and planting plants and trees. You can habitually use sustainable technology or do many things digitally. There is so much you can do!

Let's give you another example. Shop wisely. Are you aware of how many things you buy that you don't need in a consumer society? You can stop this now and think twice before purchasing anything. You can use reusable shopping bags and buy much less plastic. You can also contribute to your health by giving up your car to go to places you can go by bike.

We have touched upon very little of the good we can do for the world. Let's get started before it's too late.

Bonus: Saving Oceans

At Qoolize, we contribute to the environment as much as possible with our 100 percent remote working method, digital meetings, and warning writing. We act with the awareness that we can do something for our planet before it's too late. We care about the world and every living thing in it and look to the future with hope.

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