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App Review - Rebel Girls by Rebel Girls Inc.

Apple Design Awards 2022

Women. Women who have shaped world history inspire and encourage others. We need this precisely, especially in light of recent global developments. Women worldwide come together to show their strength and speak out against injustice and wrongdoing. We have to figure out how to explain these women to our children. The significance of overcoming obstacles and walking with courage no matter what.

Rebel Girls have accomplished this feat. It is a way of explaining to girls, mainly how women survived and succeeded despite all of their difficulties in their professional and social lives. The first of these methods is, of course, an application in the world of #technology.

Rebel Girls is one of the apps that won this year's Apple Design Awards. The app tells the stories of women who have impacted history. Women who have achieved great success despite adversity, from Frida Kahlo to Oprah Winfrey. It tells the stories in a fun way and adds a new story every week. Inspiring illustrations also help children internalize these women's stories. This blog's author believes that the application benefits both children and adults. To get lost in the stories of women who are a symbol of success and courage, be inspired by them, and take action.

Envisioning the blue house where Frida was raised is a tropical island that welcomes you when you enter. Here is how the application describes the lives of these magnificent women in such a language. The expressions of the voice artists add a new dimension to the stories.

Other elements are included in the application: bedtime stories or creativity-inducing activities. Rebel girls aim to reach children with the app; of Empower, imagination, and curiosity.

The only award received by the application, where you can find versions for both iPhone and iPad, is not from Apple. Other awards won, such as Webby People's Choice or the New York Times Best Selling Rebel Books Series.

We wish you and your children a brave and prosperous future that stands up to injustice.

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