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8 Highest Paying Tech Jobs

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Do you want to take your place in the New World? The way to do this is now through technology. While artificial intelligence is slowly taking over us, we still need to take shelter in technology to survive. We have compiled the most profitable technology professions of the future for you. Maybe your dream job is on this list.

1. Data Scientist

#Datascientist is the world's first highest-paying job in technology. Salary varies by experience and ranges from $95,000 to $195,000 per year. The data scientist briefly analyzes structured or unstructured data using various tools and obtains a result. Data scientist, a favorite of big companies like Google and Amazon, is indispensable for Telecom companies. Data scientists create hypotheses for data from various sources and perform studies to prove the truth or falsehood of these hypotheses.

2. IoT Solutions Architect

IoT Solutions Architect, one of the must-haves of the telecommunication and IT industry, ranks 2nd among the best winners. Salary varies by experience and ranges from $98,000 to $174,000 annually. Professionals in this job look behind the scenes of #IoT and explore how solutions are created and used. If you have an eye on this profession, you need to start with machine learning now. Being a good programmer and being able to build hardware takes you to the top.

3. Big Data Engineer

You may encounter this profession quite often during your job search. Big data engineers analyze, test, and evaluate the data they obtain from the companies or organizations they work with. Considering that internet users produce 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day, it would not be wrong to say that it is one of the busiest jobs. Salary varies by experience and ranges from $68,000 to $155,000 annually.

4. Software Architect

This profession, which creates new technology models to speed up the software programs, coding, or development process, ranks 4th on our list of what you need to know to become a software architect; data modeling, programming, and analytical skills. Professionals in this job strive to find the best by creating prototypes according to customer needs. Salary varies by experience and ranges from $131,000 to $160,000 per year. In India, this job is the most sought-after profession of all time.

5. Blockchain Engineer

By 2023, the world's money spent on #blockchain solutions is expected to be $15.9 billion. Job opportunities are also very high and famous in a sector with such a large budget. Blockchain engineer briefly produces solutions for the blockchain world. You should have good knowledge of the program, Ethereum, and Bitcoin and a sufficient understanding of security protocols. Salary varies by experience and ranges from $70,000 to $175,000 per year.

6. DevOps Engineer

Being a #DevOps engineer requires two pieces of knowledge; Development and Operations. DevOps engineers should have both development and operations knowledge, knowing coding and infrastructure systems. The essential skill for a DevOps engineer is communication between teams, managers, and clients. Creating a more collaborative environment for all parties and presenting the ideal working model are among its primary duties. Salary varies by experience and ranges from $95,000 to $140,000 per year.

7. Cloud Architect

Professionals in this job strategically address, take action, and monitor an organization's or company's cloud system. Experts should have deep knowledge of cloud systems, specialize in cloud systems of organizations such as Amazon Web Service or Google, and have strategy formulation and management skills. Salary varies by experience and ranges from $76,000 to $121,000 per year.

8. Full-Stack Developer

There will be 27.7 million developers in the world by 2023! Are you one of them, or are you on your way to becoming one? Then you could be at number 8 on our list. We wouldn't be wrong if we said that a full-stack developer understands everything about development. You should have extensive knowledge of both front-end and back-end development. You should know all the processes from design to the result and create an infrastructure for the final product. You should have a good command of languages such as Node.js or AngularJS and know how to implement APIs. Salary varies by experience and ranges from $81,000 to $120,000 annually.

If you want to advance in any of these jobs that are viewed as the professions of the future, you can start your research in the telecom, telecommunications, IT, or HR sectors.

Bonus: What is your dream job? Check out the best one for yourself.

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