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Senior Voice Account Manager

Job Type

Full Time


We are looking for a Senior Voice Account Manager.

Job Requirements:

•   You should have at least five years of relevant experience as a telecommunications account manager and business development professional. Demonstrating a track record of success in developing partnering strategies is essential.

•   Deep knowledge and understanding of relationship management are crucial, especially in a growing business within an established industry. Being sensitive to this environment’s unique challenges and dynamics would be best.

•   Experience in contract negotiation for voice buying, interconnections, and bilateral agreements is required. It would be best to be skilled in navigating and optimizing these contractual arrangements.

•   Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are essential for building and maintaining solid relationships with telecommunication providers. 

•   Your ability to effectively engage and collaborate with partners will be critical to maximizing the company’s and its customers’ value and profitability.

•   A creative and proactive approach to conflict resolution, problem-solving, mentoring, coaching, recognition, and performance management is expected. You’ll need to address challenges in a resourceful manner and provide guidance and support to team members.

•   Strong verbal and written English communication skills are necessary to interact with various stakeholders effectively.

•   A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent years of experience is required to meet the educational qualification.


Role Description:

As a Senior Voice Account Manager, your primary responsibility will be to manage relationships with telecommunication providers. Your objective will be to maximize the company’s and its customers’ value and profits through these partnerships.

You will be able to help partners set up their business strategies, leveraging your expertise and insights. Collaborating with internal and external business partners, you will contribute to developing, maintaining, and implementing business plans that support the overall sales effort.

To excel in this role, you must comprehensively understand different countries’ regulatory and legal landscapes. You will be expected to gather and create a knowledge base of regulatory and legal facts to inform decision-making and compliance within the industry.

Overall, this position requires strong relationship management skills, business acumen, negotiation expertise, and a solid grasp of the telecommunications industry. Your contributions will be vital in driving the company’s growth and success.

About the Company

Qoolize has an innovative human resources model that changes companies’ recruitment processes by adapting to the requirements of the modern age. Our employees worldwide are transforming their classical working models and adopting the method of growing together. Our human-oriented and remote working model provides a comfortable and safe working environment & space that the person needs.

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