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Qoolize has an innovative human resources model that changes companies' recruitment processes by adapting to the requirements of the modern age. Our employees worldwide are transforming their classical working models and adopting the method of growing together.

Our human-oriented and remote working model provides a comfortable and safe working environment & space that the person needs. It is the new era of why do you want this job. If you are excited enough, send us your resume now.

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How many steps do I have to take? - Hiring Process

This is not your regular job interview. As Qoolize LLC, we regard people with different characteristics & perspectives as wealth, and we always want to see them among us.

We are looking for employees who inspire with their talent and passion. Does this sound like you?

1. Apply via Qoolize HR Website:

To start your job application process, you can submit your comprehensive application via the Qoolize HR page. It is mandatory to upload your CV, preferably in pdf format. A letter of intent can also be attached optionally.

2. Online Interview:

In our online interview, we will talk about your learning, experiences, and future goals. You will also get detailed information about Qoolize LLC. During the interview, you can always ask questions about the position in the subject, your future team, or career opportunities. Please note that your participation is voluntary!


3. Job Offer:

You will receive a job offer if you're a good fit for one of our open positions, and we believe you make a difference at Qoolize. Additionally, Qoolize provides a competitive salary, additional rights, and an adventure.If you share our values and are ready for a great career opportunity, we hope you will accept the offer.

Orientation Process & Becoming Qool

When you continue your career with us, you develop in an energetic culture based on team spirit and trust, and you have the opportunity to bring your ideas to life. Here at Qoolize, jobs are not just for getting things done. These are the things that bring us happiness.

We carry out our orientation process in two stages.

1. Basic Orientation

The adventure of the business from yesterday to today is told to the person who will join our team. In this, subjects such as the company's brand value, vision, organizational structure, company departments, services, company policies, the company's future target, where it is today, and the physical structure of the company, in general, are explained.

2. Professional Orientation

During the professional orientation process, the employee is given the opportunity to learn by experiencing the job. The goal here is to speed up the onboarding process. After the orientation process is completed, the social cohesion process begins. The orientation period can vary between 2 weeks and 6 months, this is completely dependent on the dynamics of the company.

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